Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mixed Media

For my Mixed Media Project, I chose the topic fantasy.  I used pictures from google, wallpaper, glitter, beads, yarn, water colors, and tissue paper to create it.

I created the layout by cutting my paper into a puffy cloud shape.  Most of what is on my project are Disney characters because they are all fantasy.  I also included Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy because they are all figures that are not real.  I put down tissue paper and added water over it to transfer the color to my paper so that it is a nice background.  Then I took white tissue paper that had sparkles in it and I put that over the entire paper using a gel medium.  I put my pictures down and then added wall paper, glitter, water colors and lots of other materials to it.

The risk I took for this project was that I completely changed my layout from what I originally thought I wanted to do.  I just started randomly adding layers and I am happy with how the layout looks.  My favorite part on the piece is the wizard in the bottom right who is shooting magic (yarn) out of his wand.  I took a risk adding the yarn because I had a really hard time getting it to stick and look good on the mini lesson we did.

While adding to my piece I asked people at my table where there were open spots and if I needed to add any more layers.

This is my least favorite project that I have done.  I loved using mixed media, but I don't like how my final turned out.  I liked what I made in my sketch book (below) so much more because I think it flows better and has more of a message.