Monday, March 24, 2014

Up Close and Personal Practice

As practice for our final Up Close and Personal drawing, we practiced using three different mediums. We used oil pastels, chalk pastels and colored pencils.

The first medium that we used was oil pastels.  We had to draw a soda can using 4 different colors to create values.  I really liked using oil pastels because they really popped against the black paper that we drew the cans on.  I struggled with them because I had a hard time understanding how to blend the colors by just adding lines.  I did like drawing with them however, because they make everything look so bright!

The next medium that we used were chalk pastels.  We created a candy in a transparent wrapper.  I really had fun with this mini project, they were my favorite of the three mediums and I would really enjoy working with chalk pastels more.  Even though I liked them so much, I struggled with making the candy and the folds in the transparent plastic to look real

The final medium that we worked with were colored pencils.  I was the most comfortable with colored pencils out of the other two mediums.  I ended up using colored pencils on my final project because I liked it the best.  In class we had to draw a lollipop showing all of the lights and the darks.  I had a hard time capturing all of the lines and folds in the wrapper, but other than that I really liked using colored pencils.

Overall I really liked all of the different mediums that we worked with, and I enjoyed drawing with all of them!

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